Full Steam Ahead!

I would like to encourage you to watch an excellent talk by Martin Koornstra. Martin is a Dutch pastor and was speaking via Zoom to a gathering of church leaders receiving support and encouragement from the apostolic team at the King’s Arms Church in Bedford.

Martin’s talk focuses on Matthew 11 when John the Baptist sends his disciples to check that Jesus is the Christ because he is struggling with doubts – suffering being shut away in prison. John needs reassurance and not being able to go himself (obviously!) he sends others. They return to John with affirming words from Jesus.

Martin suggests that like John the Baptist we sometimes need reassuring words, encouragement, prophetic input from others by asking for help.

We are all aware the “good old days” have gone, so let’s not waste our energy, time and resources on trying to recreate or mourn them, because a more glorious future is before us. It is time to pray, equip ourselves with the Word and focus on Jesus for the next epoch of the church and the Kingdom.

I would heartily recommend that you find time to listen to Martin because I am sure it will give you renewed hope as we come out of this trying season.

It certainly blessed & encouraged me!!

– Geof Cole

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