Intern Diaries (Nov-Jan) – Lockdowns and Look Ups

Hello everyone!

I realised last week that I’ve not posted an update in a few months so this update can be seen as a winter edition of Intern Diaries! There have been some exciting times over this period that may be of interest to you.

Churches that Change Communities

At the start of November, I attended a virtual Churches that Change Communities conference hosted by Jubilee+, a Newfrontiers social action group. The day was full of insightful talks and seminars covering a range of topics to better equip churches to be catalysts of social action in their communities and cities. I recommend that you have a look at some of the talks, which are now freely available using this link:

Community Survey and Report

First of all, thank you to everyone who took the time to complete the Community Survey that was posted on social media. I have spent the last couple of months going over all the information collected and adding to a report I am writing as part of my internship. As we enter a season of growing the building, it has proved to be very useful in evaluating what the Church should be doing within the community.

Cafe Updates

In November and December, the Cafe thrived with many regulars returning and new faces appearing. It was great to see it being used by others as a place of connecting with friends and neighbours. With the new restrictions coming in at the start of the year, we were forced to close the Cafe operations and run the Larder on its own. This has continued to be used by locals and is open every Thursday from 11am until 1pm for anyone who needs it.

Lockdowns and Fasting

Since the start of the year, the Church staff have moved back to working from home. Whilst it is far from ideal, we are still fully aware that God is in control. Especially as we enter a month of prayer and fasting, we need to remember to look up and trust in Him rather than getting tied up in the unknowns of this seasons. I have really enjoyed spending more time with different members of our church family in prayer as we look to discover what God has in store for us.

I hope that you are all staying safe and I will hopefully see you soon via Zoom or in person in the not too distant future.


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