National Day of Prayer: Fri 22nd Jan

Pastor Ian Christensen of  NLCCI (formally called ‘Wembley Assembly of God Church’) has felt stirred by God to call the UK Church to A National Day of Prayer on Friday 22nd January. He is believing for 1 Million Christians to be prayer as one together on one day for their land and invites you in the YouTube video below to take an hour to pray this Friday.

City Church is not organising a meeting as such, but we would encourage you to set aside sometime on Friday to pray. This call resonates strongly with the vision to Grow in Faith we have for the year ahead, especially are commitment to pray and fast throughout the month of February.

You could just take a few minutes at the start of the day, before a meal or at the end of the day. You could perhaps arrange to pray with a few mates on a group phone call or over Zoom? We heard a great story on Sunday when some work recently colleagues got together to pray and how God really encouraged them as they did so.

Take a few minutes and allow Ian to encourage you to pray this Friday.

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