Shauna’s wonderful testimony about honour

I have been doing Geof Cole’s advent calendar about honouring people for a week now.

Tues 1st December – I gave Christmas cards to everyone in my block.

Weds 2nd December – I gave a Thomas the Tank Engine hoodie to one of Jacob’s friends as his mum has been struggling to find anything Thomas related for her son.

Thur 3rd December – I took my auntie for coffee along with a Christmas card and a couple of little things because I know I won’t see her or my uncle this Christmas.

Fri 4th December – I dropped off a Christmas cards to another aunt and uncle.

Sat 5th December – I gave out Christmas cards to the mums at Jacob’s dance class.

Sun 6th December – I once again put flyers around my block expressing hope with our church’s details on it.

Mon 7th December – Today is Monday and I have felt guilty not having honoured anyone. But whilst getting my shopping and my daughter fighting me, the customer in front took out all my shopping from the trolley and bought her sweets!

After honouring others this week God wanted to honour me.

We store our blessings up when we honour one another. It might just be a Christmas card, a Thomas the Tank Engine top, a coffee or even a conversation – but this week I have personally seen attitudes change towards me and atmospheres shift and all because of a culture of honour.

This for me is a game changer on how to bring heaven down to earth in my everyday life!

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