Honour Advent Calendar Idea!

Geof Cole writes:

Here’s an idea that could help put some of Cultural Value of Honouring into some festive fun. So here goes:-

1) on large piece of paper (A3) draw house, tree, cake or wall etc, and draw windows, baubles, candles on it you can write in (24 spaces “windows” etc)

2) every day try and honour/bless friend, neighbour, someone in a shop, etc with a text, card, smile and thank you, small gift, cake – let your imagination go wild!

3) write on your advent calendar what you’ve been up to. 

4) after Christmas share your calendar with Hub or at church.

It could be something the whole family could be involved in and be a blessing to so many. 

So CCD Family let’s have some fun!!

Love to you All, Geof

Ps Why not put your stories on the comments on CCD website

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