Recommended Watch: The Chosen

The Chosen is a multi-season series about the life of Jesus which is available to watch for free by downloading The Chosen app on the App Store or Google Play. Episodes are immediately available to watch and can be cast onto other devices, including for instance smart TVs. Season 1 was released earlier this year and was the highest crowd-funded TV series or film project of all time.

There are 8 episodes taking you through the early ministry of Jesus with episode 8 concluding with Jesus’ amazing encounter with the woman at the well in Samaria found in John 4. Funding for Series 2 is almost complete and shooting has now started.

The series portrays Jesus “through the eyes of those who met him”. Significant characters we encounter include; Simon Peter, his wife, Andrew his brother, James, John, Mary Magdalen, Matthew, Nicodemus, the weddings celebrants at Cana, lepers, centurions and Roman rulers…

To help bridge the massive cultural gap between our 21st century lives and those of Roman occupied Jewish Galileans, the series creates significant back-stories for the main characters. This features material occasionally hinted at within the bible (along with extra-biblical material) and also minor characters who again aren’t explicitly mentioned in the bible. I personally found the first episode a bit jarring on first viewing, as it was so unlike the 1970s Jesus of Nazareth series I had watched as a child. However, by the second episode, I was hooked.

The series really helped me connect with Jesus, his disciples and other characters as real people, with real lives and real issues they were facing. It was beautiful to see faith awakened and lives transformed in these familiar, yet not-so-familiar characters. The way Jesus is portrayed is stunning! Highlights in the series included; the miracle of the fish, Jesus’ night-time conversation with Nicodemus, the miracle of Cana, the healing of the leper and the woman at the well.

You can watch The Chosen by downloading their free app. Search in your app store or go to:

Here is the trailer for the first series.

3 thoughts on “Recommended Watch: The Chosen

  1. I absolutely live The Chosen! Such a refreshing portrayal of the Jesus I love, and the adventure of lives transformed when he calls our name. Do yourself some good and watch this series!!!


  2. I am currently on episode 5. It is absolutely excellent and I was hooked from Episode 1. As someone who likes to think he knows the gospels really well, it is very refreshing to find myself wondering what is going to happen next? Also, the portrayals of well-known characters from the gospels and their (possible) back-stories is giving even the well-known gospel events somehow more real, with a fresh perspective and greater depth and meaning.
    Thoroughly recommended!

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