Newfrontiers Global 2020 Talks

Last week apostolic leaders and teams from within Newfrontiers gathered together on Zoom for their annual conference, with special guest speaker Mark Sayers from Melbourne, Australia and author of Disappearing Church and Reappearing Church.

Three of the sessions are available to watch online. Highlights and snippets we have picked up resonate well with what God has been saying to us as a church over the last months. The videos include:

  • A message by Mark Sayers called “We may not have a plan, but we have the person of Jesus!” Mark describes how we are moving from a complicated world to a complex world – a new chaotic, non-linear, unpredictable age in which it is hard to plan. Yet the difficulty of this moment contains an opportunity. Our weakness pushes us back to Christ, moving us into a renewal dynamic, in which, guided by Word and Spirit, a new future awaits.
  • An interview with Mark Sayers by Andrew Wilson and Mbonisi Malaba. They ask Mark Sayers how we can begin to analyse the complex world around us, and understand the disruption now facing post-Christian culture. The conversation concludes by asking how the global church can rise to this cultural moment, and offer the truest narrative of all.
  • A message by David Devenish called Lessons from Jesus on Kingdom Growth” David uses Jesus’ parables to remind us of the kingdom principle of small beginnings that bring lasting transformation. He challenges us to be humble, Christ-like leaders with a mission to make disciples as we build diverse and united churches.

You can watch the videos here at

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