Newfrontiers Global 2020 Gathering

Global 2020 is an international gathering of Newfrontiers apostolic leaders and their teams from around the world. A daily session including worship, prayer, talks and interviews is open to anyone around the world to join from 2pm-3pm on Tues 13th, Weds 14th and Thurs 15th October.

Global 2020 is being hosted by Steve and Deb Tibbert, who are based at King’s Church London. Mark Sayers, from Melbourne, Australia will be one of the contributors. He has a passion for spiritual renewal and the future of the church. Mark will take part in an interview on Tuesday 13th and will be share a message on Wednesday 14th.

Further details about the programme and contributors can be found at:

To take part, you will need to visit the Global 2020 website (provided below) on each of the days where the link details will be posted.

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