Sarah supports Prison Fellowship Scotland

Sarah tells us about how she has been helped and supported by Prison Fellowship Scotland. She goes on to tell us about her plans to raise money for this fantastic charity by doing a lot of walking over the course of 3 weeks. Sarah writes:

Prison Fellowship Scotland is amazing charity. They helped me so much when I was in prison, to believe in myself. I decided to get got baptised after being encouraged by my amazing befreind-er Jean. I am so thankful for what I learned about myself in prison.

So many prisoners don’t get any contact with anyone. This is why prison fellowship is so important. Their volunteers write regular letters, especially for long term prisoners.”

To support Sarah and Prison Fellowship Scotland, please visit:

2 thoughts on “Sarah supports Prison Fellowship Scotland

  1. Hello Sarah. Well done for your terrific fundraising effort for the work of PFS. Thank you too for your encouraging video testimony. Glad to have been able to add my own donation in support of your venture. Praying that you complete the walk successfully and that all the funds raised will be real boost to PFS’s strategic ministry of caring for many people in our Scottish prisons. Bless you, Mark (Glenochil visiting team/participant in Tuesday prayer meetings on Zoom)


  2. Thank you so much for your kind words Mark. It really means a lot.
    This is a cause close to my heart.
    Glad you liked video, see you at prayer group Tuesday

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