Online Alpha!

We are running an online alpha course, starting on the 17th August at 7pm. Alpha is a place to explore Christianity and ask questions in a safe space. If you want more of an insight into Alpha here’s a video that might give you more of an idea what it looks like –

This isn’t just something a group of people from church are doing, we need you to get involved. How? Easy!

  1. Pray. Pray for the team, for the preparation, for the tech, for people to invite along and for those who will come, particularly that they would encounter Jesus!
  2. Invite. Which friends or colleagues could you invite along? Who could God be nudging you to ask? Share the publicity, all the information has been posted on the CCD facebook page. If someone you know is interested, come along with them! Zoom calls are a scary place to join if you don’t know anyone, so knowing a friendly face will be there too might make it that little bit easier to come along.
  3. Help flyer! We want to get a flyer for this and the new community café through every door in the Pentlands, if you’re free on Wednesday or Thursday next week drop Craig an email to help (

To sign up, fill out the google form here:

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