Hold Fast

Craig brings a message from Jeremiah – God’s invitation has always been into relationship. Israel had been invaded and conquered – the fear of the people was real. As a people of God we should not have a future of fear – let’s look to God’s plan and listen to his voice, rather than looking over the fence to see whether the grass looks greener!

If you will remain in this land, then I will build you up and not pull you down; I will plant you, and not pluck you up; for I relent of the disaster that I did to you. Do not fear the king of Babylon, of whom you are afraid. Do not fear him, declares the Lord, for I am with you, to save you and to deliver you from his hand. I will grant you mercy, that he may have mercy on you and let you remain in your own land. 

Jeremiah 42:10-12 ESV

We are challenged by the Holy Spirit to stay in the place that God has set for us, even if things look bad at this time. God’s plan supercedes our plan, we don’t need to put our plans in play to ‘fix God’!

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