Gifts & Provisions

Diane shares a picture with us:

I was lying in bed listening to the Holy Spirit and He showed me large storage boxes but these cardboard storage boxes were massive, like shipping containers.

It was like I was looking out of the container, the lid was off and the sides of it were coming down and folding out.  As the facing side folded down, it opened up to a luscious green field of crops, like barley, not yet ripe for harvest but very definitely in the making of a good crop.

This felt to me that the Lord wants us to unpack His gifts and provisions He has for us to be ready to face the bumper crop. 

They have been in storage but it’s getting ready and near to the time for letting them out to be used to catch the harvest when it’s ready!  How cool is that! 

One thought on “Gifts & Provisions

  1. So cool Diane thank you for sharing Gods heart to us
    I receive this word.
    Thank you father for unpacking the gifts and provisions you have for us getting us ready for the harvestToday I Release and receive your gifts and provisions you have for us In Jesus name Amen🌈


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