Ripening and preparing

Wendy S shares:

God has been speaking to me (and I think all of us!) about waiting and journeys! This the latest thing he has shown me.

This is my first home grown strawberry of the year! I noticed it like this 2 days ago. Not quite ready…..

I was desperate to pick it but I was sure that it would be nicer if I just waited. I was tempted to water and feed the plant but it didn’t need anything, apart from sunshine. I kept peeking at it and even (I know it’s crazy!) prayed for a sunny day!!!!

Then 2 days later, at tea time:

It was ready!!! It was the most delicious strawberry that I have ever tasted. Because I waited it was perfectly ripe and sweet. But the real change was in me!!! I was so thankful for it! I gave the glory to God not me. My heart and my tongue and my tummy were ready to receive that juicy strawberry! Now it was a very good strawberry, but I honestly experienced it as the best strawberry ever created!!

What is God preparing your heart for in this time of  world-wide waiting?

Ask him and anticipate it in prayer and the good things which come will be even more luscious, and your heart will soften and sweeten!

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