Some stories!!

Julie-Anne shares:

It was great to join with celebrating the wedding recently but what was even better was that 2 no-faith nursing colleagues watched too.

We did end up having a conversation about death, church and faith while Craig was speaking, however it was stimulated by the wedding ceremony, songs and prayers. The whole thing was extremely thought provoking for them both.

We all enjoyed it immensely and it will definitely be revisited in future conversations especially their views on death and how a life is celebrated in death and what happens afterwards.

Please pray for Julie-Anne’s 2 colleagues.

Sarah shares:

I wanted to share with you all what God has been doing in my life during lockdown. I was reading:

Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus.

1 Thessalonians 5:18 NLT

It’s really helped me so much. I’ve spent so much more time with God. I feel so blessed and grateful, it makes you realise what is important. Having time to reflect on everything and yourself. I’m lucky enough to be part of an amazing church with the best people who have helped me to smile. I have learned that I am stronger than I think I am. And just take a chance, I always said I can’t do something but I totally surprised myself.

I’ve taught myself to cook, led my hub and applied to do prison ministry. 7 months ago I would not have thought I could have done any of these things. But God has given me my strength I’m excited for the next chapter God has got for me.

So try something new, don’t worry, God wont let you fall!

Chris shares:

I just wanted to share an encouragement about what God is doing in Dundee.

Back in January a word was given in church about how God was commissioning, and re-commissioning people who are gifted in generosity with their time, resources, and in emotional resource. This was expanded on brilliantly by Jonathan and Jeni a few weeks later when they gave there cultural values talk.

It is apparent now why God was equipping us in that way back in January. The generosity shown by so many members of CCD over the last couple of months has been staggering.

But it is also encouraging, while this time is difficult, God is still in control, he saw this season coming and equipped us appropriately for this time.

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