Scotland’s Christian Unions

Jess is coming into her last few weeks as a Relay worker for UCCF, who support Christian Unions at universities all over the UK.

In Scotland the Christian Unions have come together to put on a virtual events week, helping students share and explore faith in a time that is very different to what was expected at the start of the year!

She writes:

” I’m sure you’ve all heard the stat from Tearfund already, finding that 1 in 4 18-30s have attended church in lockdown. In this season people are looking for hope and some are turning to God to look for it. Christian Unions exist to share the gospel on their campus, and since we can’t do this as normal, CUs from 11 universities across Scotland have to come together and gone online, running a week of events sharing the gospel!

We are running events at 8pm each night this week on our Facebook page –, looking at the theme of hope, with each event being followed by a Zoom call for people to come and ask their questions. We’re also running events for international students on Zoom at 2pm. We ran two events last week which between them have had almost 9000 views since they were streamed, which is unreal! The reach of our events are usually contained to campus, but as we’ve seen already, it’s bigger than that! We’ve even had friends sharing them with student movements across the globe!

This truly is an incredible opportunity to share the gospel and we are trying to make the most of it! These events are aimed primarily at students but if you have friends who have questions about Christianity, why not invite them along? Or why not come along yourself to get an idea of what student mission during the coronavirus looks like. If you’re not on Facebook don’t worry – you can also watch the livestreams on YouTube here:

Also a little plea, these events have cost us a grand total of £15 (for the software to stream to Facebook and YouTube at the same time) but we are trying to raise money to pay for advertising on social media, so if you’d like to donate to that you can do that here –

But most importantly, we would absolutely love it if you would pray with and for us! We are running two prayer meetings a day and had a 24 hour prayer session last week, but we need more! So please join us in praying bold and expectant prayers, that people would come to know Christ through these events!

Thanks! Jess

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