3 things God is saying

David shared with us recently some thoughts on what God is saying, and it was so helpful we asked him to record a video to communicate these points with us!

It lines up so strongly with so many elements in play just now – the strategic direction of the church and some of the discussions that the leadership team have been having over the past few months, some of the messaging coming from the encouragement of reading Scattered Servants, many messages coming from the global church in this time. Please take some time to hear David’s thoughts, and prayerfully consider what your personal response looks like.

The main points (for the written learners among us!) are:

  • An encouragement to focus and avoid relentless distraction – Luke 10: the story of Mary’s choice in welcoming Jesus
  • A facing up to the fact that this time means longer change, and we can’t ruthlessly deny that our previous normal will immediately return – 2 Corinthians 12: Paul’s thorn in the flesh
  • The opportunity to explore radical discovery, how do we become greater kingdom carriers: 1 Kings 19: Elijah’s isolation in the cave

Thanks to David for this great encouragement to continue to seek God, in this time, for this time, for his kingdom.

2 thoughts on “3 things God is saying

  1. Bless you, David. This is absolutely what we need to hear at this time and, may I say, brilliantly presented.


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