Encouragements To Pray

Praying for the environment

George got in touch this week around something very practical – an encouragement to pray for our environment, particularly local fly tipping:

Can we pray for our planet that it can breathe and recover whilst we are not polluting it and our planet will grow healthier in our new world order.

Thanks for this encouragement – these are times of change for so many things, and it’s important that we raise our eyes and look globally, including at our planet and our stewardship of it!

Armour of God

Robyn Trainer (@robyntrainer on Twitter/Instagram) from Dave’s university church drew this and shared it on her Facebook page. We have permission to re-use it here – Dave was really struck by the connection between our current situation and the covering of God’s protection that we are able to rely on at all times.

It’s a picture of the ‘PPE Armour of God’ – a re-imagining of the description of the physical armour that is required in this time:


Let’s continue to thank God for His protection, His power, His strength, and His love for us that means we are adopted into His family! Pray for protection for health and care workers across the world.

3 thoughts on “Encouragements To Pray

    1. Yeah, Robyn’s happy for it to be shared if you link back to her social pages: instagram.com/robyntrainer or twitter.com/robyntrainer


  1. I share Shauna’s liking of the PPE protection visual of the “Whole Armour”, course I do

    These are serious days and we need to be fully aware of our total reliance on God, but I wonder if I dare share a wee story ( at risk, I realise, of serious reprimand, even excommunication, by the church hierarchy) which brought a smile to my face this afternoon It is an opportunity to reflect on the reality of our faith, let’s say. Here it is:

    Two nuns were driving through the countryside when they ran out of fuel. They walked to a nearby farmhouse for help and the kindly farmer said they could siphon some of the fuel from his tractor. However, they could not find anything in which to carry the fuel, until the farmer produced a battered old chamber pot. The nuns filled the pot with fuel, walked back to the car and began filling it.
    A passing motorist, hardly believing what he saw, stopped, and said
    ” I don’t agree with your religion but I do admire your faith”.


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