Scattered Servants Ch5

This is our review video for Chapter 5 of Scattered Servants by Alan Scott! Dave and Gavin have a chat on Zoom about some of the key themes:

If we are to reach our cities, we must reposition our churches. It’s easier to attend a church that gathers lost people than become a people who alter communities. Yet God is not sending lost people into the church, He sends the church out into the world. Our cities long for life, and to reach them we have to reposition our churches.”

Ch5: Repositioning The Church To Reach The Lost, p73 Scattered Servants by Alan Scott

As a church we have got to look in both directions and activate in both direction, allowing outsiders in and equipping insiders to go out, bringing the kingdom alive in the community.

The focus of the church should be on mission, focussed on ensuring that ‘if a ministry doesn’t lead us towards lost people, or lost people towards Christ, we don’t do it’

The comfort of the saints should be solely in the presence of God, which prompts us to navigate change in how we ‘do church’ and gives us confidence us to overcome awkwardness that so often accompanies ‘being church’ to those around us.

One thought on “Scattered Servants Ch5

  1. Having read the whole book, this was the chapter that I believe is the crux of the book. Reading what Alan did in his church , we have to decide what is the way forward for CCD. I believe at this time of ‘staying at home’will make us all think ‘What do we feel the Holy Spirit is saying to us all as a church when we are free to come together again?’ I also believe it is a time for our leaders to seek God and know His heart for us for the future. This is time for new beginnings “the old has gone and the new has come”
    Let’s get excited about what God is going to do with Dundee!

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