Scattered Servants Ch4

Here is chapter 4 of Scattered Servants reviewed in video format: Changing The Culture One Life At A Time!

Jules, Liz and Jeni share, through Jules, what their discussion focused on as they looked through this chapter:

We are challenged that those who are looking for God don’t look like they are looking for God, but if we listen to God we will be given words of life that introduce them to Jesus.

We are called to listen to God’s prompting, and disrupt our lives in a way that leads us to the lost.

Our call is to use our treasure in jars of clay:

Our communities are drawn to brokenness more than excellence. We try to impress them with our brilliance, but our brokenness and imperfection are our greatest gifts. Focus on sharing your life before you sort it.

Ch4: Changing The Culture One Life At A Time, p63 Scattered Servants by Alan Scott

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