Scattered Servants Ch3

Here’s our video looking at chapter 3 of Scattered Servants by Alan Scott: The Mind-Set That Brings Life.

This one is 3 more contributors: Hannah, Jess, Emma – all on the sofa together. Don’t worry, they’re flatmates, so we’re still keeping our social distances!

“The dream of God is not that you become a believer and help your local church. The dream of God over your life is that you come alive in His presence and bring life to every environment, spilling contagious hope into hurting humanity

Ch3: The Mind-Set That Brings Life, p45 Scattered Servants by Alan Scott

Our identity in Christ is so important, as it positions us to shape environments, participate in His story outside the church building, bring all of ourselves to Him, and not just be treasured but also be trusted.

Thanks to them all for their contributions, I’m sure we could have listened to a lot more of what they had to say in response!

One thought on “Scattered Servants Ch3

  1. Excellent video! I really enjoyed seeing how deeply you all had been impacted by the book and chapter 3 in particular. This chapter has impacted most so far I think.


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