Scattered Servants Ch 2

This video looks at chapter 2 of Scattered Servants by Alan Scott: Among The People.

This chapter video summary takes a different format to the previous 2 videos – we’ve got Craig, Jon and Pete all together (but suitably far apart!) in this chapter summary.

In this chapter Alan issues a challenge to ensure that the church is not just a place for his people:

Heaven isn’t intent on making the church a safe place. Heaven is intent on unlocking the destiny of the city. God’s goal is not our safety but our city.

Ch2: Among The People, p38 Scattered Servants by Alan Scott

Obedience in stepping out, outside the church, is so challenging but if we know we go with God, we know where our security lies, and when we see God at work. Pastoring a city is a high call given to us all!

Well done to Pete for getting a bit of the Westminster Shorter Catechism into the summary!

One thought on “Scattered Servants Ch 2

  1. Great conversation and video guys. I found this chapter to be especially inspiring and challenging, particularly the vision that God gave the church as they prayed. Loved the outtake at the end too 😁👍🏻


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