Prayer Focus

2 encouragements for today:

From Margaret:

Please pray for some of our MSPs who I know to be Christian. They always have a tough time but right now especially their testimony is hugely important.

  • Murdo Fraser;
  • Kate Forbes;
  • John Mason;
  • Jeremy Balfour;
  • Maurice Golden;
  • Gordon Lyndhurst.

Pray for their health and strength, protection for their families, courage to stand out, to shine forth as people of faith, to God’s glory.

From Geof:

In the current crisis we can very easily take a defensive position in faith and thoughts, but I sense God is calling His people to take the offensive, in prayer and thought.

So that we move from trying to defend with prayer to declare with prayer.

  • To pray for ourselves, families etc by making positive declarations about health, healing, salvation for our Nation and Nations.
  • Declaring the rule and reign of Heaven over the Earth, calling Heaven down to Earth.

Our remit is to disciple the Earth and to all the divine resources we have to do it. The battle in Heavenlies is not ours, but declaring and living the Kingdom of God here and now is!

So let’s look for, expect and receive the goodness of God in the land of the living, not just for ourselves but our precious World.

I believe that I shall look upon the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living

Psalm 27:13

One thought on “Prayer Focus

  1. YESTERDAY,I was feeling the loss of ability to witness with this lock up situation.
    On my walk near Dichty
    I saw one of the Fionas carers.. who has been off for weeks ,with a cough!! With her young son walk about 12ft away from me by the river. I called over to ask how she was.
    She was coughing as she answered.
    I prayed (with her consent) aloud and briefly.. her 12 year old a bit amazed.. but she was all smiles as although never making a commitment, shes asked for prayer before!
    We waved and parted and five minutes later I met a young man and his dog!
    He lives alone and in conversation (another story) I told him about some of the amazing g things God has done for me …..So I would say ‘God showed me..viruses dont stop him working through his people!!!

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