Scattered Servants Introduction!

We’re really excited to launch a video book summary series! We’re going to provide a summary of Alan Scott’s book, Scattered Servants, chapter by chapter over the next few weeks – we hope that you will be able to engage with this, and perhaps get a copy for yourself and read along!

Jo introduces the series in today’s video:

Alan Scott is currently lead pastor at Anaheim Vineyard, and previously founded and was lead pastor at Causeway Coast Vineyard, where, in his own words, “since its beginning the Church grew through scattered servants bringing life to the city”. More on Alan can be found at his website, and a wee bit more on the book can be found on the Vineyard website.

Quiz – Reminder

Just a reminder for everyone to get a team together for the quiz taking place on Zoom this Friday night (3rd April). We’re looking forward to doing something different together! Register your team on this Google Form and more information will follow.

For full details, check out the post about the quiz from earlier in the week – it can be found here!

Keep safe and well, let us know how you are doing through email, text messages and comments on this site!

One thought on “Scattered Servants Introduction!

  1. Thanks Jo, I have loved reading Scattered servants, I am looking forward to the rest of the videos, with lots of different presenters to come!


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