CCD Quiz via Zoom this Friday!

Sign up, sign up!

Its time for some socially distant fun and games at 8pm this Friday 3rd April with Quiz Night on Zoom hosted by the wonderful trio – Hannah, Emma and Jess!

Teams of up to 6 are invited to compete in a Pub Quiz style format for the title of Online Quiz Royalty! The quiz is going take place on Zoom using the Breakout Rooms feature which will enable teams to confer privately online to discuss and agree answers before they are submitted to the hosts using Google Forms.

Up to 100 devices can join a Zoom meeting, so we have the potential for a HUGE get together online this Friday night!

Feel free to invite family, friends, neighbours or colleagues to be part of your team and enjoy some fun together.

How to take part…

  1. Gather a few friends, decide on a team name and sign up by Thursday evening using this Google Form. Dead easy!

2. Ensure each household in your team has downloaded Zoom onto a device before the quiz starts. You do not necessarily have to create an account with Zoom. Computers enable you to see more participants together, but tablets and phones still enable you to fully take part in the evening.

3. More information will follow after you have signed up.

4. A link to join the quiz on Zoom will be sent out on Friday. To join, you simply click the link on the device on which you have downloaded Zoom.

Sign up, sign up!

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