Prophetic Encouragement

Geof supplied the following prophetic encouragement for this season – let’s continue to press in to our heavenly Father as the source of our strength and our confidence.

There’s real sense that Father is allowing the Earth to be shaken and the fragility of all our systems to be seen for what they’re worth. Often, historically, disasters – natural and humanly instigated, result in radical moves of God.

Let’s be confident in Him and His good grace as we live and pray through this extremely challenging time. Friends and neighbours will be watching on how we manage ourselves – so let’s put our CCD Values into action.

Personally I feel that Easter could be a significant turning point in this crisis, and I’m praying into that. Let’s not pussyfoot around, we want to see this virus DEAD  – certainly none will mourn it’s demise!!!

Stay safe, be sensible and let’s all keep looking to Jesus – He must be our focus.

One thought on “Prophetic Encouragement

  1. Amen to what Geoff has written. I would like to add that these “challenging times” are a wake up call to us all. Uncomfortable though the current situation is I believe our Heavenly Father, who is loving-kindness (hesed) personified, is provoking us, for our own benefit, to examine ourselves more than ever before, to be absolutely sure of our Blood Covenant relationship with Him before he comes for His Bride. Being “born again” is not enough; he is seeking a greater maturity of relationship with us than we have ever experienced before. That is where our security, confidence, peace, rest etc are to be found. Nowhere else.

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