Church Prayer Meeting

Last night we had our inaugural Zoom City Church prayer meeting!

It was wonderful to see and hear from folk all over Dundee and beyond. We had nearly 40 people join in – which for a first large church group time on Zoom was a technical learning experience for some!

Some comments/feedback:

“Well that was great and different! Technology is a great tool for use in the right hands!”

“Just to say how good last night was and thank you to you all for setting it up.”

Margaret disappeared at a couple of points to be replaced by a lovely bunch of flowers – these were from the daughter of one of their neighbours to say thank you for putting one of our help cards through their parents door! From Margaret: “They really belong to the church who instigated the cards in the first place so thanks to all who made this possible and I am loving the flowers!”

We had a great time praying together. Some of the wider themes were:

  • God’s greatness over any situation, including coronavirus
  • His unchanging position, despite our massively changeable position here on Earth
  • Praying for those in need, who are isolated and don’t know how to deal with this, and for those we have met while helping the community
  • We declared truths about God
  • His miraculous victory over the virus was declared
  • We were encouraged from 1 Corinthians 12: 7-10: “God has given all of us spiritual gifts, now is the time to take the stabilisers off using these gifts, and it is time to use them to build up and encourage the church, as well as establish his Kingdom in Dundee.”

If you weren’t able to join us we hope that you will be able to in the future!

Please join in with these prayer points over the next few days – if you have anything that you feel God is sharing with you that is for the church family, please pop it in the ‘Share Stories’ form!

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