Weds 25th March


Craig shares with us about what’s happened so far this week, encourages us to connect, and shares an encouragement from Psalm 91

Dundee Prayer Space

Here is the update from Prayer Space about their online meetings while the Friary is unavailable:

We will all be aware of the current advice not to gather in groups, however it is more important than ever to make space to pray!

consequently we will not be meeting at the Friary until further notice, we will however be meeting online to make time to listen to God, and to bring our concerns to him.

I therefore invite you to meet via Zoom on weekday mornings from 8am to 9am:

And on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 5.30pm to 6.30pm:

Prayer Space Dundee Facebook page:

6 thoughts on “Weds 25th March

  1. Psalm 91 is one of my faves and on my wall at work! I’m at work in staggered days over the next month. Stay Safe and in His Blessings, Missing you Guys! Diane xx


  2. I’m using this time to connect more with God, I’m using dwell greap app lots reading’s and scriptures.
    I have done the Ruth Bible study this week.
    Love it but I love reading the psalms
    Great website Gavin
    Keep safe everyone, God has us all in his hands this is a wonderful time to get filled with more of god

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  3. Still going out to work at the care home.
    Pray for safety and protection for all staff and residents.

    Great website well done Gavin.
    Missing everyone at ccd.
    God Bless

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    1. Keep safe Sharon, thank you for serving those at the care home!
      Look out for more opportunities to connect and see faces – we’ll definitely be doing more Zoom prayer meetings!


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