Friday 20th March

This is our first update in our new format, connecting online!


Craig shares an update on what we as a church are doing in this new season. This website will act in part as a hub to keep everyone updated and connected to what is happening.

Community Response

This morning a few people went out into the community to post cards through letterboxes. These cards provide an opportunity for the community to get in touch if they need help. We have activated a couple of phone numbers that are dedicated community response phones able to receive texts and phonecalls.

We also spent some time putting up a marquee and cleaning up the space to the back of the community halls. This will allow us to provide a space for those who are able to come and collect a cup of tea or similar, and spend some time in the gardens. We are still working out the details on this, so please watch for announcements that you could share with neighbours and your network.

We have been in touch with David Dorward at Dundee Bairns and Eric Knox at Dundee Volunteer and Voluntary Action to discuss how our large spaces might be able to be used to provide for community needs – more to come on this as we have information!


Please let us know if you would like some cards to deliver to your neighbours – we can arrange to drop them at your doorstep or leave them in the porch area of the Friary for you to collect.

Prayer points

Pray for connection for those who are isolated.

Pray for healing those who are unwell.

Pray for safety for those who continue to attend their workplaces

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